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Absolute Poker’s (Video strip poker) Bad Beat Jackpot Passes $700,000 Mark

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Strip poker free online – South Carolina poker call to action

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Playing online best video poker

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

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South Carolina poker call (Free gay strip poker) to action

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

South Carolina poker call to action
I am naturally suspicious of people who use phrases like “call to action.” It’s one of those marketeer phrases that makes me cringe. That said
if you are a South Carolina poker player or one who travels here to play in some of the best home games around
you should be interested in this. Moreover
if you live in Greenville
South Carolina and don’t join me on Monday night
you don’t care about poker and your right to play it. Monday March 30 at 5:30pm
South Carolina Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell will be holding two public hearings on a bill that would legalize home poker games and also expand charity gaming (including charity poker tournaments) in South Carolina. I will be there and you should be
too. Here’s why. Every Monday night I play in the best home game I’ve ever known. The action is great
the location is perfect
and the players are great people. The game has been running for years and shows no signs of dying off. There are games like it all over the state–friendly folks who just want to play cards in a safe environment. Under South Carolina law
local law enforcement could come in at any time and cite every player for violating the state’s gaming law. That we’ve never been raided is no great comfort. Even though this is a friendly game where the only rake goes to pay for drinks and snacks
it is still illegal. And if you think the local constabulary won’t bust a game of this sort
you are sadly mistaken. Last month I covered the trial of five people who were playing in a $20 max-buy no-limit hold’em game in Mt. Pleasant. The max rake on the game was 50 cents and the house owner
according to several people who testified
stopped taking rake the moment he had enough to cover the pizza and beer. The players were put on trial and
despite the magistrate’s obvious distaste for the law
convicted. [See the April issue of Bluff Magazine for my article on the trial.] A few years back
I held what was then my annual Bradoween poker tournament. It was not a huge affair. We had 43 people from around the country in town and crowded into my small house. The buy-in was insignificant and I charged no juice. People from other states laughed at me when I took the buy-in cash to my neighbor’s house and left it there. They laughed harder when I programmed my police scanner to listen for a raid and put a couple friends outside to watch the door. If I had watched myself that day
I might have laughed
too. It was ridiculous. It was a game among friends that wasn’t even charging for the BBQ and sweet tea. Still
if the raid on a similar game in Greer (a nearby suburb) a couple months before was any indication
I stood an uncomfortable chance of getting busted. It had happened to one of my friends just weeks before. He’d been playing in a similar game and had been handcuffed in front of his wife and kids. To people in less-antiquated states
this probably seems inconceivable. The simple fact i this: playing any game with cards or dice in South Carolina (read: Monopoly
etc) is illegal. President Pro Tempore Glenn F. McConnell
a Republican from Charleston County
wants to change that. His bill would decriminalize social gambling (including poker) in a private homes where no rake is taken. It would also allow for charity poker tournaments for churches and charities like the Lions and Elks Clubs. Opponents of the bill suggest that opening the door to kitchen table poker is the equivalent of opening up the state border to the likes of MGM and Harrah’s casinos. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can read the full text of the bill HERE. The language is specific
more restrictive than even I would like
and would in no way allow for casinos in the Palmetto State. All of the above is to say nothing of the rampant hypocrisy surrounding the debate. South Carolina is a lottery state. The South Carolina Education Lottery program is lauded by many of the same p
eople who fight against decriminalizing home poker games. It’s nearly impossible to go to a convenience store or turn on a TV without seeing an ad for South Carolina scratch-off tickets or Powerball jackpots. Make no mistake: South Carolina is
in fact
a gambling state
as long as the state is taking the rake. McConnell held a hearing on his bill in Charleston last week. If news reports are to be believed
the pro-poker crowd outnumbered the anti-poker folks by 20-1. The Greenville hearing could be a lot different. The Upstate of South Carolina is a great deal more conservative than the Midlands and Low Country. In the past
I’ve seen giant protests over similar issues. Even the legislators are worried about bringing the issue to Greenville. Said Senator Robert Ford to Charleston poker players
“Y’all get a couple of buses. I’m always afraid of Greenville on these kinds of issues.” It’s my hope that we won’t need Charleston poker players to defend our rights to play in Greenville. I know there are hundreds of poker enthusiasts in the Upstate who care about this issue. The question is
do you care enough to show your support in public? You don’t have to speak. You don’t even have to give your name. You only have to show up. It won’t take but a couple hours out of your day. I know poker is a solitary pursuit
but the battle to legalize it is not. Don’t be the kind of player who complains but does nothing to remedy the situation. If you don’t show up
don’t complain about the law. When you finally have Republicans and Democrats agreeing something needs to be done about the antiquated South Carolina gambling laws
you know it’s time to give just a little bit of yourself. So
you coming? Monday
March 30th 5:30-7:30 pm Greenville County Council Chambers 301 University Ridge Greenville
SC 29601 The South Carolina Poker Players Alliance is trying to get a good idea on who might come. If you’d like to RSVP for the hearing
you can do so HERE. If you have any questions
feel free to leave a comment here or send them to my e-mail address: rapideyereality — @ — gmail dot com

BREAKING: Betonsports CEO pleads guilty to federal charges
former CEO and Director David Carruthers pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says the Betonsports organization’s conspiracy included: “Creating and disseminating advertising throughout the United States which represented that its Internet and telephone gambling operations were legal and licensed. They failed to disclose known material facts
namely that the U.S. government and most state governments viewed such operations as illegal
and that they did not have a license to operate legally anywhere in the United States.” “Representing to potential customers that money transferred by them to BetonSports on account was safe and readily available to be withdrawn at anytime. BetonSports was actually using the funds to support and expand its operations
including the purchase of Easybets. When BetonSports ceased operations in July 2006
it could not repay its customers over $16 million held on account.” Carruthers now faces up to 20 years in prison and up to $250
000 in fines. He will be sentenced on October 2nd. The man who hired Carruthers also faces charges along with four other individuals. Those charges range from RICO conspiracy to mail fraud to the interstate transportation of gambling paraphernalia. That trial is scheduled for September.

Poker’s frequently asked questions on Google
Remember that time you four-bet pre-flop with aces
flopped your set
and got your opponent to get it all in? Remember when he shoved his chips in and then asked
“Do you have the ace?” You probably thought
“What is this guy doing playing poker?” We sometimes think the same thing about the search referrals we get here on the Up For Poker Blog. Here are just a few re
cent questions that Google has thrown our way. Q. Who is the High Stakes Poker guy who looks like Jabba the Hutt? A. We here at Up For Poker are huge fans of both the Star Wars series and High Stakes Poker. So
when we saw this question come in
we wondered if we had missed a few episodes of HSP. After looking at the cast list from the past several seasons
we narrowed it down to two possibilities. The first is David Benyamine
for obvious reasons. The second is Doyle Brunson. Either way
that’s just mean
and we’d dare whoever asked the question to call either of the above players Jabba to his face. And either way
if you’re hoping to play poker and you don’t know Brunson or Benyamine
you’d best stick to watching Return of the Jedi and pleasuring yourself to your Princess Leia action figure. Q. Is an UTG limp raise always the nuts? Yes. We polled every poker player in three countries. The results were staggering. No player in our millions of respondents has ever limp re-raised under the gun with anything other than the nuts. Every player indicated it would be irresponsible to play a hand in such a way that it led others to believe he might have aces instead when he actually held kings
or 9c-7c. We suggest that if you are ever limp re-raised by a player under the gun
fold your kings immediately. You are behind and will never catch up. Q. (From Sweden) How does WSOP poker works? A. This is a tricky question and one not taken lightly. It assumes that WSOP poker (translated World Series of Poker poker) actually works. We are not ready to make that assumption. If we did
we might answer that the World Series of Poker poker takes a decades old tradition of poker mastery and devalues it by creating dozens of events that award dozens of bracelets and charges millions of dollars in juice to play tournaments with dubious structures. Of course
we wouldn’t ever actually say that. We’re just saying
if we made an assumption
we might think about saying something like that. In the meantime
if you’re reading from Sweden
we like your women. How much for them? Q. Suppose that you have played F five times but you don’t yet know your wins and losses. Would you play the gamble a sixth time? A. You just blew our mind
sir. We love you as a reader. We’d love for you to stay. However
we think you’d be better suited reading the “Handbook of the economics of finance” by George M. Constantinides
Milton Harris
Ren M. Stulz. But to answer your question
we’ve played F several times. We’ve got a lot of experience in the world of F. We may not yet know our wins and losses
but you give us a sixth shot at F and we’ll take it every day of the week. Twice on Sunday
in fact. Would we gamble a sixth time? Silly question. Q. Are cops allowed to bust poker games? A. That all depends on where you live. If you live where we do
cops are allowed to bust poker games
take all the money
take all the cards
take all the chips
rummage through your house
make eyes at your girlfriend
and use your bathroom without flushing. You probably won’t ever be officially prosecuted
but you’ll sort of wish you had been. A real prosecution makes it feel less like a shakedown. Just sayin’. Q. Why is poker bad? A. Poker is not inherently bad. It’s naughty sometimes. Sometimes it’s downright dirty
naughty little poker. It’s not bad
though. Look at it this way: if poker was good all the time
you’d sit around wondering if you should’ve taken your shot at the game with the tattoos
nipple rings
and questionable grasp on hygiene. Trust us on this one.

Girls playing strip poker – Poker Pros Head To The Boxing Ring

Sunday, August 30th, 2009