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Who is the poker dealer?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

No poker game can begin without the poker dealer is established. So, at the start of each poker game is necessary to establish a poker dealer by a dealer button.

Who at the beginning of a Online Poker Sites game acts as a dealer is defined by a card sharing.

Before the very first game mixes the cards and the dealer can take off the cards. All players get sorted out before the game begins by the dealer one card face up. The player with the highest card in the first round of the first donor (Poker Dealer) and thus receives the dealer button. The dealer button is a flat, rounded cylinder, indicating the role of the Online Poker Sites dealer.

In the event that two players will hold the same highest card in their hands, so choose the color of the amount of their cards. The order of colors is oriented to the card game Bridge. From the Bridge known order of colors is spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, and spades as the highest color and the cross is considered the lowest color.

The quality and color sequence does only with finding the first Poker Sites dealer as soon as the first hand was played, the colors are completely insignificant. In poker games, the colors of any importance in the respect of rank level. As in poker is one of the poker hands, the right combination of cards.

The role of the dealer always changes after each game clockwise. The dealer button moves SE of player to player, so that in a poker game at least once each player acts as a Poker Sites dealer has.

The allocation of the role of the poker dealers will usually put poker tournaments or tournaments. And privately at home or in poker rooms you can find this order again. But in a casino is the actual dealer a casino employee, the dealer who does not cooperate. The player with the dealer button will only notionally the role of the dealer. Even in the online poker room, there is no actual poker dealer. The role of the dealer is controlled by the computer. Shuffle the cards of the poker software and distributed.

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